Not A Creature Was Stirring: A new, unpublished story. Many of you will remember Sixteen Sucking
and Demogorgon? And the beautiful slipped case edition of the Dreamlands Series. Well,
those were done by Shane Ryan Staley at that time known as
Delirium Press. Now we are proudly
presenting this new Lumley piece by Shane Ryan Staley who is now Managing Publisher at
DarkFuse. We are hopeful in the future that Shane will continue to do Brian's stories when they suit
DarkFuse's subject matter.

You can purchase at:

Irving's Story. Unpublished until now. Premier volume of original erotic horror fiction.  This 100-copy
limited edition contains 2 bonus stories and will be signed by Brian Lumley and numbered. Released
April 25, 2017. Please note: this limited edition is included as part of our Collector’s Subscription.
announcement, half the print run is pre-reserved through this subscription.  Magazine version went
live January 27, 2017.

You can purchase at:
Dagon's Bell and Other Discords ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 242 pages ... Crossroad Press ... July 13, 2017.

The Second Wish and Other Exhalations ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 282 pages, Crossroad Press ...
September 11, 2017.

Return of the Deep Ones ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 337 pages ... Crossroad Press ... September 11, 2017.

Long out of print and only ever done in the UK. You'll can now find these in all the usual places.

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Necroscope Series:                              Titus Crow Series:                                  

∞ Necroscope                                        ∞  The Burrowers Beneath                   ∞ Psychomech                  
∞ Vamphyri!                                            ∞ The Clock of Dreams                          ∞ Psychosphere
∞ The Source                                         ∞  In the Moons of Borea                        ∞ Psychamok!
∞ Deadspeak                                          ∞ The Transition of Titus Crow
∞ Deadspawn                                         ∞ Spawn of the Winds
∞ Blood Brothers                                   ∞ Elysia
∞ The Last Aerie                                                                                                        
Dreamlands Series:
∞ Bloodwars
∞ The Lost Years                                   
Primal Lands:                                         ∞ Hero of Dreams
∞ The Lost Years Volume Two                                                                              ∞ Ship of Dreams                                                          
∞ lnvaders                                              
 The House of Cthulhu                       ∞ Mad Moon of Dreams
∞ Defilers                                                
 Tarra Khash: Hrossak!                     ∞ Iced on Aran
∞ Avengers                                            
∞  Sorcery in Shad                                            
∞ The Touch

Others:  ∞ Demogorgon ... ∞ Khai of Khem