The Lumley Manse
A Deep One
Dave McDougle aka ShadoeWolfe & Wife Christie
The Awards
Fear Fiction Award 1990
Best Established Author
Necroscope: The Source
World Horror Convention 1998
Grand Master Award
British Fantasy Award 1988
Best Short Story
Fruiting Bodies
Brian Lumley & Peter Straub ... World Fantasy Organization 2010 ... Lifetime Achievement Award ... Presented at the  World Fantasy Convention, Columbus, OH 2010
H. P. Lovecraft Film Festival 2008
The H .P. Lovecraft Award (or "Howie"), is awarded annually to filmmakers,
directors, writers, scholars, and other people or organizations that have
produced significant contributions to the genre of cosmic horror, weird tales, and
the promotion of Lovecraft and his work in particular.
Fear Fiction Award 1990
Sorry I couldn't take it out
of the frame.
The Lumley Pool
Some Extras...
Because I Say So...
Horror  Writer's Association 2010
Lifetime Achievement Award
Presented at the World Horror Convention, Brighton, UK 2010
                               Book Signing                                                              Lovecraft's Grave, Providence, RI, USA                                 Leipzig, Germany
JUNE 2018
Rodos, Greece
                         Leipzig, Germany                    H. R. Giger ... Says "He Now Believes in Vampires."
                                                                                           ... And also