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Fruiting Bodies E-Book:
... Artwork by Bob
Eggleton ... design by David Dodd. For the UK,
Australia and Europe. Released November 1,
What's Happening? ... Publications & What's In The Works
AUGUST 2019 Update...
What's New ... Publications ... What's Coming
      Updates will only be done whenever there significant info to add.

Audio Books & Book/E-Book Publications now have their own links. Anything that has been in What's
after a time will transfer to the new link.

NOTE: If you are a newcomer here ... please be sure to check out the E-Books page and Audio Books page
as everything that has been released is on those pages. Only most recent items are on this page.

But the most complete site is where you are now.......
Audios: With exception of the first three Necroscopes® they will be doing pretty much all of Brian's books now. They will appear in every country
were they are permitted. Amazon, Audible, iTunes.

E-Books: They will appear on Amazon, etc any country where it's permitted. They aren't just available for Kindle. These are done
in various formats and should be good for all eReaders.
They will be doing Subterranean's Books everywhere but
USA and Canada as they are already available there.

There are still more E-books and Audios to come.

New: Narrator Michael Troughton ... Necroscope(R) Deadspawn in production.

New:  Psychamok now available. Read by Gary Furlong.

Joshua Saxon
... Now working on The Taint and Other Novellas Collection.

New: Next audios up: Khai of Khem, Haggopian and Other Stories Collection, Demogorgon. All read by Joshua.

In the works: Three new projects that Crossroad Press will be looking at. Will keep you informed.
Crossroad Press:                Cover design by David Dodd.

Psychomech: Narrated by Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 11 hours 16 mins. Release date April 2, 2018.

Psychosphere:  Narrated by: Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob  Eggleton. Unabridged: 9 hrs and 4 mins. Release date August 2, 2018.

Psychamok:   Narrated by: Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 12 hrs and 55 min. Release date May 29, 2019
Crossroad Press:

The House of Doors. Cover by David Dodd.
Narrated by Andy Barker. Unabridged 11 hours 32
min. Release date February 13, 2019.
Crossroad Press:

Brian Lumley's Freaks E-Book
Artwork by Allen
Koszowski, For the UK, Australia and Europe.
Released February 12, 2019.
Necroscope® :The Movie
Regardless of any rumors you may hear or anything you may see ...
I promise you that you will find it here as soon as we know anything for certain.
When a contract is signed and money is in the bank ...
then it's done and dusted!
Crossroad Press: These are available through
Audible in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia,
France and Germany in the English language.

Necroscope®: Deadspeak Narrated by Michael
Troughton, Unabridged: 17 hours 26 minutes,
artwork by Bob Eggleton, Cover design David
Dodd. Released April 1, 2019.

Necroscope®: Deadspawn. In production.
Crossroad Press Information:
Crossroad Press:

A Coven of Vampires.  Cover by Bob Eggleton,
design by David Dodd. Narrated by Joshua
Saxon. Unabridged 8 hours 51 min. Release
date June 19, 2019.
Crossroad Press:

No Sharks in the Med.  Cover by Bob Eggleton.
E-Book Release date June 20, 2019.
Crossroad Press:

No Sharks in the Med:  Cover by Bob Eggleton,
design by David Dodd. Narrated by Joshua
Saxon. Unabridged
12 hours 41 min. Release
July 30, 2019