What's Happening? ... Publications & What's In The Works
APRIL 2017 Update...
Updates will only be done whenever there significant info to add. So I
apologize if there's a long wait from in between times.

This information remains static for reference.

∞ Subterranean Press E-Books: Pretty much ... if  not all of the books are available in e-format.

∞ UK E-BOOKS: Orion. Here is the link:

∞ USA E-BOOKS: All the following books are now available in the Kindle Store. Note to UK readers: If you have bought a kindle
through Amazon.co.uk you have to buy the ebooks from the US site. On the top left of the page you have to make sure to change
your “Country or Region” to the USA. You won’t get any results if you use the United Kingdom location. If you continue to have
problems, contact Amazon.

Necroscope Series:                              Titus Crow Series:                                  PsychomechSeries:                                                                      

∞ Necroscope                                        ∞  The Burrowers Beneath                   ∞ Psychomech                  
∞ Vamphyri!                                            ∞ The Clock of Dreams                          ∞ Psychosphere
∞ The Source                                         ∞  In the Moons of Borea                        ∞ Psychamok!
∞ Deadspeak                                          ∞ The Transition of Titus Crow
∞ Deadspawn                                         ∞ Spawn of the Winds
∞ Blood Brothers                                   ∞ Elysia
∞ The Last Aerie                                                                                                        
Dreamlands Series:
∞ Bloodwars
∞ The Lost Years                                   
Primal Lands:                                         ∞ Hero of Dreams
∞ The Lost Years Volume Two                                                                              ∞ Ship of Dreams                                                          
∞ lnvaders                                              
 The House of Cthulhu                       ∞ Mad Moon of Dreams
∞ Defilers                                                
 Tarra Khash: Hrossak!                     ∞ Iced on Aran
∞ Avengers                                            
∞  Sorcery in Shad                                            
∞ The Touch

                                                                       Others:  ∞ Demogorgon ... ∞ Khai of Khem
MOVIE OPTIONS IN FORCE:  (All info is subject to change.)

Necoscope®: The  Movie:  As you all know, the option has been paid by Evolving Pictures for the last six
years … now, they have totally bought out the option … which puts us in the hopes that before the end of 2020
we will have the movie ... so there's still time.
WHAT'S NEW: New information will appear here first and then a little
later it will move down to it's appropriate sections.

There are still many more audios coming from Crossroads. I hope you are
enjoying the ones that are available now.
There will also be a couple of
e-books coming as well...
All of the above audios come to you by Crossroads Press. http://crossroadpress.com/

Crossroad Press: Available at audible.com and audible.co.uk. Links follow where available.

Hero of Dreams: Narrated by Jonathan Trueman ... Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Unabridged: 6 hours 24 minutes



Ship of Dreams: Narrated by Jonathan Trueman ... Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Unabridged: 6 hours 32 minutes



Mad Moon of Dreams: Narrated by Jonathan Trueman ... Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Unabridged: 7 hours 15 minutes.


Note: Some Books, T-Shirts and Merchandise are still for sale.
AUDIOS Still Available: (From Radio Archives ...
available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

www.radioarchives.com  Necroscope®: The Plague-Bearer.  
Necroscope®: The Möbius Murders.
Artwork by Tor Books ... Narrated by James Langdon.

Unabridged: 17 hours 24 minutes

MacMillan Press: (Tor Books) Available at audible.com and audible.co.uk. Links follow:


I couldn't find this on .co.uk but here's the MacMillan Site:

The Compleat Crow: Narrated by Simon Vance ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 7 hours 24 minutes




Crossroad Press: http://crossroadpress.com/    Available at audible.com and audible.co.uk. Links follow where available.

The Burrowers Beneath: Narrated by Simon Vance ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 6 hours 3 minutes


The Transition of Titus Crow: Narrated by Simon Vance ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 7 hours 33 minutes.



The Clock of Dreams: Narrated by Simon Vance ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 5 hours 51 minutes.



Spawn of the Winds: Narrated by Simon Vance and Corey Snow ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 5 hours 56 minutes.



In the Moons of Borea: Narrated by Simon Vance. Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 7 hours 13 minutes



Elysia: The Coming of Cthulhu: Narrated by Simon Vance. Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 7 hours 15 minutes


Not A Creature Was Stirring: A new, unpublished story. Many of you will remember Sixteen Sucking
and Demogorgon? And the beautiful slipped case edition of the Dreamlands Series. Well, those
were done by Shane Ryan Staley at that time known as
Delirium Press. Now we are proudly presenting this
new Lumley piece by Shane Ryan Staley who is now Managing Publisher at
DarkFuse. We are hopeful in
the future that Shane will continue to do Brian's stories when they suit
DarkFuse's subject matter.

You can purchase at:


http://www.darkfuse.com   http://www.facebook.com/darkfuse/  http://twitter.com/darkfuse/
Publications and What's Coming...
Irving's Story. Unpublished until now. Reserve now & pay later for the premier volume of original erotic horror
fiction.  This 100-copy limited edition contains 2 bonus stories and will be signed by Brian Lumley and
numbered. It will be released April 25, 2017. Please note: this limited edition is included as part of our
Collector’s Subscription.  On announcement, half the print run is pre-reserved through this subscription.

Magazine version goes live January 27, 2017.

You can pre-order/purchase at: https://www.darkfusemagazine.com/2017/01/

http://www.darkfuse.com   http://www.facebook.com/darkfuse/  http://twitter.com/darkfuse/
New Note: I've been getting requests for out of print Subterranean Books ... so
shortly I'll be getting them up on the site for sale.

Audio Books as because there is so much right now in What's Happening that I've
had to make the print smaller ... and I don't like doing that.