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Fruiting Bodies E-Book: ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton ... design by David Dodd. For the UK, Austra;oa and
Europe. Released November 1, 2018.
What's Happening? ... Publications & What's In The Works
DECEMBER 2018 Update...
MOVIE OPTION IN FORCE:  (All info is subject to change.)

Necoscope®: The  Movie:  There are things going on with this but nothing concrete as yet. As stated Evolving
Pictures has the option until November 2020. We have spoken to Glenn Hetrick, who has pretty much made this his
life's mission. I can tell you that Glenn has written a script that pretty much stays true to the book. And we are in
contact with someone at Lakeshore Entertainment who is another person that  wants to see
Necroscope on one
screen or another. And as I always say ... when we know anything definite ... we'll pass it on...
What's New ... Publications ... What's Coming
                     Updates will only be done whenever there significant info to add.


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Also, you might want to check out these two: ... it's an old site but has lots of stuff on just
Necroscope®. Also this is also just Necroscope®. Have quite a bit of work to do on this one but
once the work is done I'll be dumping

                                       But the most complete site is where you are now.......

Crossroad Press Information:

Audios: With exception of the first three Necroscopes® they will be doing pretty much all of Brian's books now. They will appear in every country
were they are permitted. Amazon, Audible, iTunes.

E-Books: They will appear on Amazon, etc any country where it's permitted. They aren't just available for Kindle. These are done in various
formats and should be good for all eReaders.
They will be doing Subterranean's Books everywhere but USA and Canada as they are already
available there.

New: Starting in December, new narrator Michael Troughton will be doing Necroscope(R) Deadspeak and Deadspawn.

New:  Psychamok coming in December.  New: House of Doors is being worked on.

Crossroad Press:

Narrated by Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob Eggleton. Unabridged: 11 hours 16 mins. Release
date April 2, 2018.

Psychosphere:  Narrated by: Gary Furlong ... Artwork by Bob  Eggleton. Unabridged: 9 hrs and 4 mins.
Release date August 2, 2018.

Psychamok:  Coming in December.
MacMillan Audio: These are available through Audible in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, France and
Germany in the English language.

Necroscope®: Vamphyri!  Narrated by James Langton. Unabridged: 17 hours 55 minutes, artwork by Bob Eggleton.
Released July 24, 2018. Macmillan has been kind enough to give us an excerpt:

Necroscope®: The Source:  Narrated by James Langton. Unabridged: 18 hours 16 minutes, artwork by Bob
Eggleton. Released September 24, 2018.
Still Available: (From Radio Archives ... available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Necroscope®: The Plague-Bearer.  Necroscope®: The Möbius Murders.

Note: For those of you who would prefer, there are Audio CDs available.

Necroscope®: Möbius Murders & The Plague-Bearer Audios: In case you do not know it, you can purchase
actual Audio CDs from the Radio Archives Website. Audible, naturally, only shows the downloads.
These are only available through the website and there is only a limited amount left.
The Necroscrope® Quintet: Necroscope, Vamphyri, The Source, Deadspeak, Deadspawn Kindle

Product details: Tor Books (September 4, 2018) Publication Date: September 4, 2018 … Language: English ASIN: B07FM94NW3

Ready for preorder: