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JANUARY 2018 Update...
Updates will only be done whenever there significant info to add. So I apologize if there's a long wait
from in between times.
MOVIE OPTION IN FORCE:  (All info is subject to change.)

Necoscope®: The  Movie:  As you have already been informed ... despite all the hub-bub on Evolving's
website ...the option is in force until November 2020. We have not been informed officially of
anything at all
and that's why you won't find anything here until we know for sure. But by all means if anyone is to see
something going on ... do let us know where it is so we that we can check it out.
Note: Some Books, T-Shirts and Merchandise are still for sale.
What's New ... Publications ... What's Coming

Audio Books:
You will now find all the audios on the Audio Link.

Books For Sale 2 Link: This link has now become Book & E-Book Publications.
Anything that has been in What's Happening after a time will transfer to the new link.

New E-Books now available Amazon.co.uk: The Taint, Haggopian and Harry and the Pirates.

Still to Come: The Fly-by-Nights audio.
Dagon's Bell and Other Discords ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 242 pages ... Crossroad Press ... July 13, 2017.

The Second Wish and Other Exhalations ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 282 pages, Crossroad Press ... September 11, 2017.

Return of the Deep Ones ... Collection: Kindle Edition ... 337 pages ... Crossroad Press ... September 11, 2017.

Long out of print and only ever done in the UK. You'll can now find these in all the usual places.
Crossroad Press: http://crossroadpress.com/  Available at audible.com and audible.co.uk.

Iced on Aran: Narrated by Jonathan Trueman ... Artwork by Allen Koszowski. Unabridged: 7 hours 17 minutes.

And that concludes the Hero Series ... enjoy.